First Person Shooters

These MOGs are 3D games where folks tend to run around shooting each other, Quake style... well, sorta. The genre is mostly based upon first-person perspective (mostly) but may also have 3rd-person views available. The main idea here is the operative "shooter" term, where it's all about fast action and combat. You'll not likely find dwarves or crafting skills in this field, for instance.

Miner Wars Trailer and New Build Info

Press Release Summary:

 Just got a note from the folks at Keen Software House about their in-development MMO/singer-player space shooter called Miner Wars.  They've got a new trailer showcasing this "outer space First Person Shooter with a fully destructible environment."  To be clear, you're piloting a ship from a first-person perspective, so you won't be walking around as is typical from the FPS genre.  However, that doesn't make it look any less fun from an FPS-ey perspective.

Remember Descent?? That old-but-great game had a similar vibe to at least the initial look at Miner Wars -- you're piloting a ship that has full six degrees of freedom to fly around and shoot stuff.  Yay!  I loved Descent.  ( ) This time though, you get to blow up everything in front of you, apparently, meaning you can tunnel your way through the rock walls in front of you instead of just getting dizzy as you try to maneuver yourself into a proper orientation to fly through the environment.

I suppose since I brought up Descent, I should point out that the newest trailer was created by a member of the old Descent team, Dan Wentz.  He's the Audio Director on Miner Wars, incidentally, but my rummaging through their "team" list brought up no other Volition hits, so other Descent lineage appears to be in spirit more than direct aside from Mr. Wentz.  Cool enough though... just looking for some other familiar names from the way-back.  Anyway, check it out:

Great music and it's looking mighty-fine all around. Fully destructible environments coupled with the theme of being a deep-space asteroid miner gets me downright interested in checking this out more.  So... let's go see what they've got in store!  (Well, besides an early-adopter discount of 70% to buy up the game now and get early access to another just-released alpha test of the game.  Nice!)

Full press release after the jump...



War Rock online FPS in open beta

Again with the slow news... I know, I'm not helping you all get your timely MassMOG fix. Sorry 'bout that. :P Today, I bring you (late) news that the free online FPS War Rock is in open beta! Wheee! Ain't that grand? "Yes," is the answer, in case you're confused.

War Rock screenshot: Screen cap from War Rock -- bring on the infantry.  The ol' trusty assault rifle in action.Yet another of the free play games coming out (K2 Network's calling it Free2Play, specifically)... War Rock is an online first-person shooter featuring modern weapons and vehicles ala Battlefield games and the like. It's looking really, really sweet on the outside. As usual, though, I'm having trouble scrounging the time to get in there and check it out myself. Thus, I don't have a review for you or anything like that. I will drop this bit of marketing text to get you interested, though:

Though still in Beta test, gamers can play all three game modes (Mission, Infantry and Vehicle), pick from five distinct combat specialties and tote an armory-full of guns into the frontlines while driving the combat vehicle of their choice. Depending on the game-mode selected, players can duel up close and personal in war-torn streets or take their battles to land, sea and sky. Combatant vehicles range from motorcycles and Humvees, to gunboats and Blackhawk attack-choppers.

The commercial launch, set for later this summer, will include an ever wider selection of weaponry, vehicles, and maps; K2 Network also expects to update the game on a regular basis with new content, as well as host tournaments and provide support for a growing competitive clan community.

"The game is free to download, free to play, and players can advance to the top tiers of competitive play without ever paying a dime to K2 Network. There will be options that some gamers may want to buy to customize their in-game experience, but they will not affect play balance at all," according to War Rock Producer Matt Norton.
Oh yeah... this is my first attempt at posting some screenshots! Yay, I know. I'm not sure how much bandwidth draw it will have, so it might be short-lived. For now, enjoy a few screenshots of War Rock in our new MassMOG Galleries! :)
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