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Announcements about new games being developed or being released. This space allows for a separation of new projects, just to give them a bit of extra exposure.

The Chronicles of Spellborn Launches

News from Acclaim is that The Chronicles of Spellborn has launched with a special promotion. Sign up for a new account (free) before May 7th & get a free 2-week "premium subscription" to try out the full game. Essentially, without paying for premium 'scrip, you're capped at level 7 and can only play in the designated "free play" zones. So, hopefully you can get past level 7 in a single play session so you can get on to checking out the premium game to see what it's about!

Game-Arena Entertainment Launches

A new MMOG developer house has officially opened their doors today, announcing the first details on their upcoming titles Age of Darkness and Ashbrook Prime. Age of Darkness combines several innovative features including a revolutionary death system, an extremely advanced AI, dynamic quest generation and player-run cities.

"We believe these games will cause quite a stir in the MMORPG industry; we're taking chances that the big-guns won't even consider for fear of alienating their audience." The games are expected to launch as a package in the second quarter of 2006.

Screenshots & info:

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