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Play Star Chamber... 'cause you should

I'm going to just be blunt here and send you right on your way so you can start playing quicker:

Play Star Chamber

..."why?", you might be asking. Well, for starters; I like the game and the company and the guys making the game and INDIE STUDIOS NEED YOUR SUPPORT!! How's that for a start?

So, get on your way. I'm not the only one who likes it, by the way. It was an Indie Games Festival finalist this year at GDC, for one thing. Really, just go play it.

Turbine becomes exclusive licensee for Tolkien-based online worlds

Huge news from Turbine today as they've finalized the aquisition of rights to publish and develop "online worlds" based on the Tolkien Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit properties. Wow. Here's a clip from the press release:
As part of the agreement, Turbine will own all of the game assets to the upcoming, highly anticipated massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) The Lord of the Rings": Middle-Earth" Online. All publishing responsibilities previously assumed by VU Games for the online license have been transitioned to Turbine effective immediately.
I'll look more into this, but my initial reaction focuses more on how far this once-small company has come over the years. It "feels" like a little independent shop that's come a long way to be a still-independent BIG studio... more like a conglomerate of sorts, I guess. I hope this is Good News as a whole. Time will tell, considering we really don't know how Turbine's recent work is coming along. I will revisit Turbine's capacity to turn out good games when I see where their ownership of Asheron's Call takes that franchise with the upcoming expansions to AC1 & 2. However, it's hard not to say "good job" to those folks!

DarkSpace new version and beta info

Drafell dropped by to give us this news... I figured it would live happily out here in the open! --Hoza -------------- [url=]DarkSpace[/url] is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game that combines tactical ship to ship combat with strategy in a team orientated game. Players gain rank and prestige, which expands the ships they can command and the strategic decisions they make. This version is a major overhaul of thip ship design and components for [url=]DarkSpace Beta.[/url] We are looking for feedback from those new to the game as well as experienced players to help gain a fresh perspective on the changes. The previous 1.481 and 1.482 patches were mainly for the server backend and to enable the roll out of a single universe server instead of seperate zones which were accessed by Jumpgates.

Shadowbane: Throne of Oblivion expansion

Since this press blurb is efficient enough, I won't bother you with my ramblings on the subject:

"The Ubisoft Store is pleased to announce that Shadowbane: Throne of Oblivion™ is now available for only $19.99! If you do not own the original version of Shadowbane® or The Rise of Chaos expansion pack, worry not, for the Throne of Oblivion will include both for free. Those who create new accounts with this purchase will receive 31 days of free gameplay. Furthermore, you will be able to purchase and download Throne of Oblivion online while the boxed version will contain Shadowbane, Rise of Chaos, and Throne of Oblivion on it. To commemorate this occasion we are releasing new screenshots, plus the box art for your enjoyment!"
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