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Quick forum set up to get things rolling... discuss what you want here, but be nice!

Free new game: Wild Cannon

if you liked gunbound i think youll like this one too. http://www.wildcannon.com/index.asp Wild Cannon an online multiplayer turn based shooting game like worms, but online, and free. CJ Internet Inc is a new company to the US. CJ Internet Inc. is a branch off of Netmarble. We just released a game called Wild Cannon so please come and try it out. Anyways they say pictures can tell a thousand words so here’s some screenshots. http://img.cjinternet.com/img/game/wildcannon/about/screen_img09_L.jpg http://img.cjinternet.com/img/game/wildcannon/about/screen_img05_L.jpg There are some more on the website. Anyways we just finished translating/fixing translations on the website so it shouldn’t be too hard to navigate, so come check us out. It’s fun and it’s free!

Any suggestions?

hey ladies and gents im looking for some online games to play anybody have any they may wana share/ i looking for more of the rpg create your own character type well kids let me know what ya have ....oh and if there are any games that are free and worth my time i would highly appreciate it but im not picky thanks

my world


Ragnarok Online II The Gate of the World

Does anyone know of any new Ragnarok 2 related sites (not official) that have sprung up recently? So far the only official sites I know of are www.ragnarok2.co.kr and www.gravitygamez.com I'm looking for something more along the lines of roempire or something. I know a massive amount of Rag 2 information has just started to get out in the past few days, but I've been following Rag 2 for about a year now...so any new sites or anything would be appreciated.

New forums... hopefully

Just trying this out... I think it will work out okay.  I want to change the look/layout, but that's not as important as just getting it working.  After all, this site never really was much of a magnet for forum posting.  :)

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