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Faunasphere Beta Account Giveaway!

[Updated Monday, Aug. 3, 2009:] The account giveaway for the Faunasphere closed beta is over. Thank you to everyone who entered -- the winners have all been notified.

First new contest = success! :)


Contest over

Well, that worked out pretty well!  It was a quick contest, & there weren't very many accounts at stake, but the response was pretty nice with such short notice. Thanks to all that entered!

I'll do my best to put more of these together.  Please keep coming back and spread the word around a bit, eh?


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I think it's working!

Woot!  I'm pretty sure things are working.. the entry form worked for me anyway.  I'm not sure if the anonymous users will have the same luck, but I decided to let anyone enter, even if you don't have a account.  (Yeah, I'm a great guy, eh?)

So, hopefully this goes well -- it appears to be starting out OK.


Good luck!

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