Upgraderrific! MassMOG v. 7 Lives!

Actually, I have no clue which "version" this site is at. It's been a looooong time since the whole thing started. Roughly in 1999, I think -- I'm sure someone will email me about it. :P

Anyway, here we are again with another back-end upgrade to the latest version of the wonderful Drupal CMS-type site thingie! I'm stoked. I've been working with Drupal 6 for a while on other sites and it's really slick. Yeah, that's boring to most of you, so we'll leave it at that. Get more info on Drupal here if you want it. I don't mind supporting that project.

So I'm sorting out a new schedule for my work weeks that I really hope will include very regular posts on MassMOG.com (along with many other sites of mine.) This should mean that people will have something to read when they get here... imagine that.

Thanks a TON for dropping by. If you're new, then WELCOME! If you're a veteran... suffice to say, I know it's been slow here for a long time. I'm working on that.

Thank you for your support and visitorship!

-- Hoza

[update -- yeah, I know the colors suck. I'll get it changed soon! Promise! (please stop emailing me! :-P )]


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Hi !
I am new this site but really artical site. I would say needful web for the population.
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[moderator edit: That used to be a link to some gold farmer site. Nice try on the spam. I would also "say needful web for the population", except I don't know what that means. Grrrr. --Hoza]

I would say you're spamming.

I would say you're spamming. Great grammar, too.

Thanks, but please leave.


----------------- I own this place... thanks for visiting.
also: PointlessGames.com and FlashGamePost.com.

Yes, the colors will change

Don't worry... I'm just updating too much stuff at once to get it all right up-front. I'm going to change either the colors or the whole theme... likely both.

I know it's too green. Chill.

I mainly wanted to make a statement about the new site by changing the theme a bit drastically. There is a lot of work to do on that front. I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Again, thanks for visiting! :)

----------------- I own this place... thanks for visiting.
also: PointlessGames.com and FlashGamePost.com.