A new text-based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) set in the future of our planet.

Our planet, once prosperous and plentiful has now been rendered barren. Our great technology has destroyed the planet leaving nothing but a few scattered remnants of humanity. And the terrors of prehistory now rule our planet again, recreated by the genetic scientists of belligerent nations who only managed to destroy each other. The handful of humans that survived their brush with extinction have gathered into small tribes, lead by those skilled with herblore and knowledge of the terrible lizards that roam the land. They are the Dinoriders: brave men and women able to outwit and subdue the huge, dangerous dinosaurs, and with will and skill, mount and ride them. Dinowar puts players in charge of their own tribe, a collection of riders and hunter-gatherers unified by their harnessing of the huge dinosaurs as beasts of labor, and when tribes collide, war. It is a completely free game that can be played with just an Internet connection and web browser.