Flyff Valentine's Movie Contest

[IMG][/IMG] Show us your creativity in you by entering the Flyff Valentine's Movie Contest, sponsored by and Team! If you win, we will post the movie for the whole world to see! SYNOPSIS Make a movie, starring Flyff characters. Obviously, since it's for Valentine's Day, romantic-themed movies will receive preferential treatment, but we will accept any kind of movies. Please keep it clean... For more details, please [url=]Click here[/url] Our MMOsite is providing the [URL=]update spaces[/URL] for all the Flyff players who join the contests.And each uploader will earn 40 points for each uploaded movies that he/her made.The points can be use for purchase online goods later. For details of our Online shop,[url=]click here[/url] rules: repeated uploading of the same movie 2.the content has to follow the rules of the Flyff Valentine's Movie Contest offensive or sexual video allowed