Anyone knows a good MM online game?

Hi everybody, Does anyone know a small nice game playable on the web?I've heard about some where you can get a cash prize of 500$ at least...but couldn’t find any!:D Thanks.


Hero Online is a

Hero Online is a pretty fun game! The first closed beta just ended, but the next beta starts on 6/21/06. Here's the news from the website:

As many of our players may or may not know, today is the last day of Hero Online's First Closed Beta. We would like to thank our players for their participation in submitting bugs and suggestions, and hope our players enjoyed their sneak peek into Hero Online.

Many of our GMs have been flooded with questions regarding Beta Schedules and Character Wipes. So, the following is the schedule for the Second Closed of Hero Online as well as the schedule for character wipes:

Hero Online Second Closed Beta:

Date: June 21~26, 2006
Time: 24 Hours
(US Pacific Standard Time, GMT -8:00)

**There will be no character wipe until AFTER the second Closed Beta!**

We hope to see all our players again during the Second Closed Beta!


hello good chaps!

hello good chaps!

It was quite popular before,

It was quite popular before, but nv hear about it for long time. SOF was simliar with hero I guess.