Saitek Eclipse Keyboard on sale (SOLD OUT)

update: Sold out. If you hurry (and I mean really hurry.. it's 12am April 5 now) you can pick up a sleek new Saitek Eclipse backlit keyboard at Woot!. Honestly, it could be gone very quick now, but I just got one of these 'boards sent to me for review and I like it quite a lot so far. It's not perfect, but it's nice. I'll post more comments on it soon, but for now, if you like it, that price rocks! If you're not familiar with Woot! though, they sell one product each day and when they sell out, that's it for the day. Anyway, get over there if you're really into this 'board... but come back here when you're done.


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Saitek X-45

Saitek builds some quality products.
My Saitek X-45 has one USB port that splits into a multi-functional throttle control and a multiple control joystick. It is designed to play the MechWarrior Mercenaries in the same way the FASA BattleTech pods are designed to play. It is very rugged and has expert, precision resolution. If you can afford the $70+, it is well worth the money. A friend of mine picke up a broken one at a rummage sale, and Saitek sent him the parts to rebuild it for free. That's service!
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