News feeds coming online

I've been toying with getting the news feed "aggregator" working like I want it... it's sort of strange. I honestly haven't done much with RSS news feeds and the like, but it's something I appreciate.

So, if you want to see where it's heading, you can click the "news feeds" link at the top-o-the-site or just go here now. There are only a couple sites being syndicated now, but I'll figure out better ways to do this as we go on. For now, you get Buzz Cut, which is one of my favorites for flat-out game theory discussions -- and Killer Betties, who've been discussed here recently. I'll get more online "soon."


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Whoops... I had the feeds loc

Whoops... I had the feeds locked out for anonymous users... bah! That was stopping everyone from seeing the feeds, which kinda defeats the freakin' point.

Grr.. get on over there if ya wanna see 'em. I'll get this damn thing figured out at some point.

I own this place... thanks for visiting.

----------------- I own this place... thanks for visiting.
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