New forums... hopefully

Just trying this out... I think it will work out okay.  I want to change the look/layout, but that's not as important as just getting it working.  After all, this site never really was much of a magnet for forum posting.  :)


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Hmm, the boards have an

Hmm, the boards have an interesting layout. I'm not sure if it's possible to reply to people's topics since I don't see a reply button so I'm going to try to "add a comment" here to this one and see if it will work.

Edit: It worked. Now this board just needs some more activity. Unless I'm in the wrong part of the place where all the other members decide not to come to...

Heh.. thanks for the post.

Heh.. thanks for the post.  I've been slow in figuring out just what I want to do with the forums these days.  This site has a strange allure for folks to register accounts, but never post anything!  I haven't quite figured that one out.  I get a lot of new users and few comments or posts or even spam (which I'm not asking for, btw.)

The old forums are linked at the "Old Site Links" menu on top-right.  They're locked up now, but you can see some of what's gone on around here over the years.  It wasn't ever really active, but was one of the first 5 or so sites on the Net in this category, so it has a bit of history that way.  Nothing overly impressive, but it's an interesting note, I think.

 I have plans to import the old forum posts into here in some form once I uncover the desired format... suggestions appreciated.  There are many other active (and excellent) forums on the MMOG topic, so I don't see a need to create another general one.  I need to come up with a good reason to have another forum on the Web.  For now, it's just here to prove it's working.


Thanks for dropping by. 

----------------- I own this place... thanks for visiting. also: and

----------------- I own this place... thanks for visiting.
also: and

I figured this site had some

I figured this site had some history to it. I'll continue to drop by...hope forums get more active. Well, I recently found out the forum system being used is Drupal ( I never seen it before coming here so that's what attracted me to this site.

Sorry about the other post I made just now...