Army Commander



[color=blue][b]Army Commander[/b] is an [b]Free Turn based MMOG[/b] from Gindis Ltd.[/color]

[color=darkred]This game is published in many languages! (english, arabic, hebrew, dutch, russian, italian, danish, romanian, finnish ) and has over 100,000 players & It is also being translated into new languages.[/color]

[color=darkred]You can play in your own language and communicate with other players that play in different language without being concerned. This is the first game ever created in this technology. [/color]

[color=blue]Army commander is an empire based game of strategy and thought.[/color] [color=darkred]As a leader of newly founded country, your goal is to ultimately become supreme to all others, by using all means from diplomacy to war. You must strive to build your empire both economically and militarily superior to all others. Through this all, you will compete against thousands of other players from all around the world.[/color]

[color=darkred]This is really a great game & i like it a lot. I reccomend others to try it out , you will never be dissapointed.[/color]


[color=blue][b]check it out[/b][/color] [u] [url=] Army Commander [/url] [/u]